Industrial Fabric, Inc. Stucco Crack Reduction Mesh

Since 1999 Industrial Fabric, Inc. has been a full service fabric converter and adhesive coater providing the best quality polypropylene mesh scrim available made in the U.S.A.  

Pro 2220 Sticky Mesh is primarily used as a reinforcement fabric in the stucco and plastering trade for manufacturing architecturally designed EPS foam mouldings and Veneer Stone, Finished mouldings and veneer stone add character and unlimited architectural designs to all structures.  

Backed by more than 30 years of experience,  our company set out to develop a mesh that would meet what the professionals in the trade want to use.  A tall order, but through patience and perseverance, we developed the best product to use,  Pro 2220 Sticky Mesh and Pro 4000 Veneer Stone Mesh.

 Why you should use polypropylene mesh?


       *Non-Hazardous & Non-Allergenic

       *Strong, Flexible, & Easy to Apply

       *Conforms to Odd Shapes & Sharp Corners

       *Stucco coatings hold on the yarns and do not slide off when coating

       *Open weave allows ample space between the yarns for coatings to adhere to the foam

       *Naturally Alkali-Resistant

       *Soft to the hand

       *Adhesive adheres great to EPS foam 

       *Can be repositioned without damage to the foam.